Thankfulness and Growth.

Yah, Yah….this is November’s update, being written 2 days before the month is over. At least it’s being posted on the last day of the month. Small victory. I promised Carly when she took over the website I’d do a blog post EVERY month at the beginning of the month so the website would stay up to date.  I had every intention of writing it on Halloween just so I could fulfill my promise – but then the kids actually WANTED me to go trick or treating with them and at 11 and 14, I feared it might be my last year to be invited so I jumped at the chance.  

I have a hard time labeling November as the month of Thanks.  I mean I know it’s Thanksgiving month, but honestly I am thankful every month, life is busy and I might get rattled, stressed or look like a crazy person most days, but even on those days I am truly thankful for ALL of it. Right now, I am REALLY thankful for my clients who have invited me into their homes and everyone that has encouraged me to continue trucking, even when it seemed too hard to keep going.  I always knew I wanted to own my own business and even though I was still in my senior year of college, I filed the paperwork to begin my business.  Two short years later, I opened my store front and a year and a half later, I found out I was pregnant with twins.  After Carson and Aubrey were born in 2009, I combined businesses with my BFF, Sandra, so that I could stay home with the babies part time.  I did the design thing within the store front, and as it continued to grow – our family grew too. We welcomed Maylee in 2012 and I realized I didn’t want to be tied to a store front with set hours- I wanted to be home with my family.  So, in 2013, we sold the retail side of the store and I moved to my home office with my design business.  I always dreamed- but NEVER thought it would grow to this size – especially working out of my house.  I am currently in an office that is WAY too small for the project load I have and the samples needed, so in the Spring we will begin to build our shop, with a larger office that will allow me to better serve my clients.  This shop will also be paid for in cash that I have been able to save  over the last 5 years because you continue to invite me into your homes and lives. 

I can’t thank you enough for supporting my dream and my family!  Happy November, Friends!

Ok, where did the last almost 5 years go?!

Clearly it’s been a minute or two.  I know everyone says this, but it’s true – the older I get the faster the years go.  I used to be ok with that (like when I wanted to just go to Jr. High or turn 16), now, not so much (the grays keep popping up, my kids know more than me and in 3 short years we’ll only have one kid left at home).  I have been so blessed to have a job I truly love (most days), that is flexible enough to navigate my traveling husband’s schedule and be present in my kids’ lives (read: be the taxi driver).   In order to keep a semi balance between work and family life without being admitted to a mental hospital (although a quiet room by myself sounds nice most days), I’ve had to let a lot of things go as a business owner. I always wanted to have a strong social media presence and keep my website up to date, but those were a few things that went to the wayside as I got busier.   

This last year was my busiest to date – so I am excited to introduce you to Carly, my new assistant.  Carly isn’t new around here.  When the twins were born, she was our live-in nanny. She went on family vacations, melted butter lids to my stove top and begged me to make a resume for her.  We cried when she left for college and looked forward to her visits home.  I was 36 weeks pregnant when I was her maid of honor, Carson was her ring bearer and Aubrey her flower girl.  Maylee came exactly one week later and I still blame it on the 45 minute bumpy drive up the mountain to Carly’s wedding venue.  Carly loves caring for people, so naturally she worked at the Hospital as a Lab Tech until this last January when sweet baby Brantley was born.  I tried to convince Carly to go back to work just so the tables could turn and I could be her nanny, she refused, but she accepted the next best thing, being my assistant.  So, if you’re a current or potential client, you’ll see her and hear from her from time to time.  If you’re on our website, facebook or instagram, she’s the one posting and responding most of the time.  She’s caught on super quick and she’s really good at her job and I am lucky to have her as my assistant and my Saughter (sister, because I’m not really old enough to be her mom/daughter, because I mom her all of the time).

We are working on getting the website updated, so stay tuned! There’s already two new project posted so go check it out here! And here!

Where did 2018 go?

2018 was by far my busiest year in business to date. It was an amazing whirlwind of kitchens, bathrooms, whole house remodels, company, swimming, kids, laughter and lots of love….and a little craziness. At the end of 2018 my husband and I bought a vacation home in a quaint little town 45 minutes from us. I am excited to share our renovation journey with you as well as growing my business even more!

It’s mid-January already!

I know this is said ALL. THE. TIME. but the days go SO fast!  I can’t believe we’re already well into January 2018!  I have several projects in the works right now, a new residential construction that is just about to wrap up, two bathroom remodels, a residential remodel that is in the planning stages, a second kitchen addition, and a great room update (new floors, paint, furniture).  I also have some VERY exciting news, but I can’t share it with you just yet, but this photo is a little hint …. (these are Dal-Tile sample boards and I will be doing a LIVE reveal of them over on my Facebook page) .