*NEW* Low budget home update

This family purchased their lakeside home furnished not knowing how often they would be there or how it would be used.  The existing furniture and paint color looked like it had come from a hotel circa 1985. 

They didn’t want to spend a ton of money not knowing how they would use the space. But with my help we agreed that updating paint, furniture, art/accessories and lighting would transform the space just enough to make it feel homier and less hotel-ish from 1985. Slowly updating and/or living in the space to see how you will really live in it before pouring in the big bucks is a big thumbs up from me!

I don’t have a lot of before vs. after pictures from this project and it may be hard to tell since there was such small changes made but here is what I have-

Before of the living room/dining room.

And some after’s of the living room with snippets of the dining and kitchen– what a difference right?!

Some more afters of updated paint, furniture and art/accessories.

Sometimes your home just needs a little money thrown at it for a face lift. That really made a big impact on this house! However, that can sometimes be very overwhelming- where to start and what to do. But, I can definitely help you with that- it’s my specialty!