I called it…

 Welp, I didn’t see you in May. But hello June! 😎

May is THE busiest month for me! Not only was I trying to finish 6 good size projects- along with some smaller jobs, the twins started drivers ed, we had 8 stays at our Airbnb, I cracked a bone in my ankle and Casey was gone for the entire month. Whew, I got overwhelmed again just writing all that out. 🤪

I am happy to report ALL of my children are still alive. They’ve finished school for the year, the twins are enjoying driving (although they prefer to drive with ANYONE but me) and the BIGGEST parts of 4 of my jobs are complete, with the other 2 finishing up next week.  I finally feel like I am starting to breathe again.  I’ll be tying up little ends here and there, then taking a short break before I dive into planning fall and winter projects.   

I am REALLY looking forward to SUMMER – it is my absolute favorite season and I plan to take advantage of the fact that- for the most part- the kids still like hanging out with Casey and I.  And, at 15 and 11 (and even though we live on the lake) THIS is what the kids are excited for this summer… meet Billy.  

Remember to take a look at the *new* finished projects posted here on the website. We are still catching up on past projects from the last couple of years so there is a delay of newer (this years) projects being posted. One day we will be caught up..

If you want more real time updates of projects, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram – and check there for pictures of projects that are wrapping up now. You won’t want to miss these ones! Here is a little sneak peek…

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