Happy New Year! Let’s go 2024!

Wait. I must have blinked…twice? Maybe. All I know is my calendar is telling me we are already 12 days into 2024.  How did that happen?

Ahh…new years, new resolutions, right? –  I am trying to budget my time more efficiently (I have a contractor who teases me that I need to do this and I want to hit him over the head with a 2×4 every time he suggests it), but really, I need to plan my days better so I can get more done in a shorter amount of time because my biggest goal is to spend more time with my family this year.  The twins keep reminding me I only have 3 more years with them – although, living at our house is pretty cush, so I don’t think I am going to be that lucky.  Just kidding.  They want to spend time with us right now so I am going to soak up all of that while I can.  

New years also brings the articles titled “Yucky designs no name designers are warning you to stay away from in 2024” (I totally made that one up). But here’s what I recently scrolled across..

I won’t get too far up on my soap box but I can’t stand articles like this.  Designing your home should never be based on what some Designer is telling you (even me)– your home should be a reflection of what YOU love and what makes you comfortable.  A designer’s job is to HELP you create that space. Projects big or small, my goal at the end of a job is to create a space that YOU love.  If that’s what you’re after, why don’t you give me a call!

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