I’m blaming the sun ☀️

Yup. It’s the sun’s fault.  That’s why I’m writing this towards the end of an already short month.  We just spent 2 glorious weeks in the Palm Springs 🌴 area, soaking up as much Vitamin D as our bodies could hold and trying like crazy to tan our pasty white Washington winter ❄️ skin.  I actually went to work– Casey and the kids just went to be warm.  We stayed at a client’s house–who’s more of a friend because after 20 years of working together you just decide to be friends While I was there, I redesigned her kitchen to include a larger island and a built-in pantry and wine 🍷 fridge, planned for a Casita in their detached garage, and finally sourced material options for flooring throughout, countertops, cabinets and more!  It was SO nice to be warm for a couple weeks AND make new contacts 📱 in the contracting/design field.  

It wasn’t all work we had some delicious Happy Hours, saw other clients who have become friends, golfed at night, went to a desert zoo, open air markets, farmers markets and luxury shopping markets, tallied the fancy cars we saw, hiked (don’t ask the kids about this one) and just all around had a fabulous time in the sun!

So– just putting this out there, I’ll travel to all of the warm places to redesign your spaces between November and March every year.  Seriously, give me call. 😉

Here’s a little glimpse of our time in Palm springs below ⬇️

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