Hello April 🌷🌷 (and goodbye basically)

I’m blaming my lateness on the lambs.  Actually, April and May are my two busiest months for projects.  Since my business is mostly built on vacation homes – we are in the home stretch for ALL projects to be completed by mid-May so my clients can enjoy the beautiful days Lake Osoyoos has to offer.  So, I also have more time to enjoy the beautiful lake days! It’s a win-win.

April also holds: 

  • Spring Break – we spent the week adventuring on Whidbey Island with some of our bestest friends and decided that it must become a tradition!
  • Spring Sports!  Which means I become a non-paid Uber Driver for 4-5 hours Monday-Friday.  🚗🚗🚗 Ha.
  • Getting the Greenhouse ready – I love the colors April brings to North Central Washington!
  • The Twins Birthday 🥳🎉🎈 – this year they are 15.  Obviously, I’m not old enough for that, but here we are. 🤔
  • And apparently LAMBS.  They are getting big -spending most of their time outside and beginning to wean for their move back to the Farm in 3-4 weeks.

See you in May…hopefully! It’s only going to get busier..

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